Rewards FAQ

In order to earn rewards, you must purchase and/or sell items totaling $250 USD or more (excluding sales tax and shipping fees).

Shoppe Star offers e-gift cards from over 200 retailers.  E-gift cards are valid for U.S. locations, unless stated otherwise.

We offer e-gift cards from department stores, restaurants, movie theaters, etc.

E-gift cards are easier to track and quicker to receive than physical gift cards.  We want our members to receive their rewards in a timely fashion.

Yes.  International sellers and buyers are eligible for our rewards program.

Yes, we offer e-gift cards from retailers worldwide.

Suggestions for retailers are always welcome.  We do our best to include retailers that our members like to patronize.  Please submit a request here for consideration.

We offer U.S. sellers and buyers Visa digital gift cards.  We also offer Virtual Visa International digital gift cards for our international sellers and buyers only.  

E-gift cards are issued in increments of $10, $25, $50, & $100 or more, depending on the retailer.

Sure. Please contact customer service to request to have your reward points transferred from your seller account into your customer account.

We can only send the e-gift card to the email address listed on your profile.  You are free to forward that e-gift card to whomever you like after you receive it.

There’s no limit.  As long as you meet the sales and/or purchase requirements, you will receive your rewards.

No.  Whether it takes one day or one year, you will qualify for your rewards when you make at least $250 USD in purchases and/or sales.

Rewards are issued when a buyer confirms delivery.  Rewards will be available for redemption within 24 hours.

We cannot replace lost or stolen gift cards.  Treat your rewards like cash.  Gift cards are non-transferable, non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash.

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